What Is Your Shoe Clips Style

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What Is Your Shoe Clips StyleShoe clips are growing in popularity with women around the world offering the opportunity to completely transform a shoe into something new and exciting. You can take just about any pair of shoes, even your favorite ones that are starting to wear and create a masterpiece that you can wear when going out to the office with a simple clip.

Shoe clips come in a range of choices from different designs to various colors, so you can really choose the ones you feel are the best match for you. They are exceptionally popular for brides who are unable to find their dream shoes, enabling them to purchase shoes and then buy clips that blend their entire dress and shoe design together in a perfect ensemble for the day.

You may be more of a bow person. Bow shoe clips come in a choice of colors and sizes to work with just about any shoe. You can add them to your ballet flats, your high heels and even your slip on summer sandals to create your own unique design and allow your personality to


Everything You Need To Know About Leather Jackets

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Everything You Need To Know About Leather JacketsLeather jackets have been part of our culture for a long time. The outfits are made from different types of leather. For example, there are those that are made from natural leather and others from synthetic leather.

Natural leather is obtained from the hide of various animals. The hide is tanned to get the leather. Although, there are many tanning methods, chrome tanning is the most popular. The method produces high quality and supple leather that doesn’t stretch, lose shape or discolor.

Synthetic leather on the other hand is made from plastic material. It’s also known as faux leather or leatherette. The material looks like real leather, but it’s not. The good side with it is that it’s cheap; therefore, you can afford it.

Styles of leather jackets

There are many styles of leather jackets with the main ones being:

Bomber: it’s one of the most popular and versatile styles. It was designed during the mid-1900s when pilots used to fry open cockpit aircraft at high altitudes. The outfits were aimed at providing warmth to the pilots. They


Jeans for Every Womans Shape and Size

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Jeans for Every Womans Shape and SizeNo matter your body style or desired fit, you can find jeans that fit you just right with just a little bit of research. Today’s manufacturers make options for all shapes and sizes, and for every budget. When you’re shopping, try on different cuts in several brands. A particular style may not suit you from one manufacturer, but may be a perfect fit from another. Use these pointers to guide your trials:

Body Styles
Curvy – You’ll see many jeans that are designed for a curvy fit. This type usually runs straight from the hips to the knee, and has a slight flare at the leg opening. A wide boot cut is fine, but you should avoid large flare legs, since that can make someone with curvy hips look shorter. A style with a high-rise or mid-rise waist may feel more comfortable than the low-rise styles.

Slim – Slimmer body types can wear just about any type of jeans, but need to be careful that they don’t get a style that looks baggy or

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Tips To Buy the Trendy Skinny Jeans

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Jeans or denims are ubiquitous and over decades have remained one of the most popular fashion favorites. One has seen rock stars, actors, models, prominent personalities etc. sporting these hip and stylish fashion staple through its many avatars. One sees people sporting smart and hip jeans in various solid colours across diverse age groups. No other fashion garment has held such a sway as the denims in various cuts, fits, colours and textures on a global scale. Irrespective of the social standing, one finds people donning these garments everywhere. While there are many cuts like the straight fit, curvy ones, the boot cut etc. one of the most popular kinds has been the skinny jeans. This fit provides design and fit, with the style quotient coming out blazing. Black skinny jeans are one of the most stylish kinds today across the fashion world. The marketplace is flooded with many options and sometimes it may become a challenge to find the perfect pair. Read on through our helpful tips to help you nail the best one for you.

Find the right brand or store– It is important to have access to an online store or a brand which


Difference Between Fine and Fashion Jewelry

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Both the online and offline stores are inundated with beautiful and eye-catching pieces of fine and fashion jewelry. Given the rising prices of designer fashion jewelry, it often becomes difficult for a layperson to tell the difference between the two.

Following is a guide for distinguishing between fine jewelry and its fashion counterparts:

Fine Jewelry – This is authentic jewels that women have been buying and wearing since time immemorial. It is made of precious materials like gold, platinum, sterling silver and gemstones and has a much longer lifespan than the fashion jewelry items. The rich and famous love to have fine ornaments customized as personalized jewelry with their initials, name or even a special date/message engraved on it.

There are specific guidelines for a piece of jewelry to fit the fine category – like the gold should be 10 carats or higher and the gemstones should be natural only. For this purpose, cultured pearls are categorized as equivalent to natural pearls. But lab-created diamonds, manufactured gemstones or fresh water pearls cannot be considered fine jewelry. In fact, if a gold or platinum ornament is inset with manufactured stones or vice versa, they will not

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Tips to Help You Own Branded Clothes Without Spending Your Savings on Them

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Who doesn’t want to own some top branded clothes, shoes and bags? It is every woman and man’s dream to have at least some of the best brands in their wardrobe, but these definitely don’t come for cheap.

Sale on Big Brands: There is a solution to the above mentioned problem. To own a great brand and not have to pay through your teeth, look for bargain sales on these brands. There are many discount offers going on in stores that are a boon to shoppers. All you have to do is keep yourself abreast of these sale offers. Another alternative is to go for used designer items. So, a pre owned designer bag will come at a much lower price, than a brand new one. In most cases the quality and condition will be absolutely comparable to a new item.

The discount sales are not only rampant at retail stores, but are also available online. These online sales are even more convenient, as you can go through the different deals on numerous sites without leaving the comfort of your home, and thereby saving on time as well as transportation cost.

The items that are


Turn Back the Clock Polka Dots

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Bring back the old fashioned ties today. Look trendy and stylish with yesteryear’s dot ties. Polka dot ties come in various brilliant colours to go with whatever shirt or suit you want to wear. The dots come in different sizes and colours. Though most men prefer dot ties for semi-formal and leisure events, some with small dots beautifully enmeshed with the background colour could serve for official purposes. It is not advisable to wear polka ties for serious functions or occasions. The bigger the dots, the more informal it looks. Choose the polka dots tie with not more than two colours – one for the dots and the other as the background colour for official wear. Always ensure that the predominant colour of the background tie with polka dots fits the shirt and suit you want to wear for that occasion. Mostly, a polka dots tie goes well with plain colour shirt or suit. However, you can use polka dot ties on small squared and tiny stripe shirts. The overall goal is to ensure that what you are wearing makes you look good.

The pattern of polka dots tie you wear could be influenced by the weather

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What Is Dressing for Your Body Shape

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Have you ever gone shopping, found the cutest pair of pants tried them on, looked in the mirror and instantly gained 10 pounds and lost 2 inches? Clearly the cut was not made for your body shape. Knowing your body shape can make it easy to shop and know you’ll look great in all your clothes. Having the right pieces in the right style is what makes a wardrobe work.

What is your body shape?

There are many categories of body shapes out there but we’ll concentrate on the basic four.

Pear, Apple, Rectangle, and Hourglass. They all have their own tell tale characteristics which will help you figure-out which one you are. And how to find the right fit for your body type.

The Pear body shape

The Pear body shape is the most common among women and it is characterized by carrying your weight in your lower half. So if you are bottom heavy and have larger hips and thighs you are a Pear. As a Pear you want to wear bright colored tops or tops with lots of interest to draw attention away from your hips and move the eye


Golden Rules for Picking Out the Perfect Outfit

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1. As the saying goes, “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.” Remember, you’re telling a story. Your story. Wear clothes that reveal who you are.

2. Show off what you feel good about by choosing outfits that accentuate your assets. Dressing is a bit of a magic act. It’s all about what you let the eye see.

3. Always wear a color and fabric that make you feel good. If you feel good, you’ll look good. Beauty is as much a state of mind as it is a physical quality.

4. Dress comfortably. I don’t mean sweats. I do mean something you can walk, sit, talk, and eat in. If you are uncomfortable, you’ll look uncomfortable.

5. Don’t break the bank! If you find a pricey must-have piece that’s just perfect, make sure it also has a good long life – and isn’t just a one night stand.

6. Sometimes the easiest way to figure out what to wear is to first eliminate what you definitely shouldn’t or don’t want to wear. I use this tactic as often with my directors when discussing clothes for a particular scene as I do with private


How to Find the Best Colors for You

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The best way to determine your most favorable colors is to have a seasonal color analysis. A seasonal color analysis is used to find the colors that naturally complement your complexion.The art of color analysis was developed in the 1980’s and has progressed ever since. During an analysis what you are looking for, are the optical effects different colors have on your appearance.

Why color choices are important

Wearing the right color palette for you is important because it is naturally flattering to your complexion, giving you a healthy glow. The right colors will also make your eyes sparkle and your teeth look brighter, you look and feel amazing.

The wrong colors on the other hand make your complexion look blotchy and un-even, any lines in your face will be more pronounced, your eyes look dull and your teeth not so bright.

A basic color analysis uses fabric swatches to determine which of the four seasons you fall into, (winter, summer, spring, fall) which can be one of two categories (warm or cool).

Colors that are considered cool have some level of blue in them and colors that are considered warm have some

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How to Choose a Messenger Bag

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If there ever was a messenger bags convention, with messenger bag lovers from all over the world coming together in a big fair to showcase, we think the most prominent question would be “Which bags are the Top 5 Messenger Bags?”. Having used them for ever, we would love to levitate above all these people and just collect views, the ‘nos’, the ‘yeses’ and ‘maybes’. Well, we have used a range of messenger bags which we would happily classify at the top of the top 5 of them unfortunately, there are more than 5 options. This idea got us thinking on a serious note, what aspects places a messenger bag at the top? What features elevates a design to prominence over anything else in the market? What criteria separates the chaff from the wheat in the world of messenger bags?

Most people, including us, put little effort when determining the suitability of bags. Rarely will people sit down and decide to purchase a messenger bag based on more than one criteria, at best two factors. Some people will be focused on size, others materials, while other really busy people have no time to shop for bags, unless


The Fashionable Choice of Tutu Dresses for Your Little Girl

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The dress that ballerinas wear when they perform on stage is called a tutu dress. It’s a dress with a pettiskirt that carries a number of layers of sheer fabric, also known as tulle, which gathers together. If you are interested and looking for a dress for your little baby that is unique and special that can be worn to special occasions or family gatherings, then this is the most ideal outfit to choose. Also, if you are undecided to what to give as a gift to a new-born, this is an option that parents will appreciate. And this is something that can be gifted to a toddler as-well.

You can also add a personal touch by adding some custom details to the tutu dress and that will make it that more special. You can be creative about it as much as you want, such as having the name of the baby or child embellished on the dress in rhinestones. The key is to be creative and keep in mind the taste of the parents and the child. Pick colors that you think will look good, such as hot pink. If you are planning to buy one


Types Of Pants For Women This Winter

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For all those who love fashion, pants are a very important part of attire. They can completely make or break a look, and change a casual look to formal in no time. While there are many who are not fond of the cold season, there is something great about it that no one seems to dislike: the winter wardrobe! Nearly all of us love the clothing that comes with the winter season, from furry boots to jackets and from winter pants to trendy hats. If you are fond of different types of pants and are wondering what would be perfect for this season, here are some winter 2014-2015 trends you should keep in mind.

Shortened pants – For one, shortened pants for women are great to try this winter! These are straight or slightly fitted pants that will fall just above your ankles. Worn in light colors, they can look great with sweaters and pullovers. To complete the look, wear them with booties and you will be good to go! If you are looking for these pants for women online, you will easily be able to find them in the latest collection.

High-waisted pants – If


Genius Ways to Wear a Womens Bomber Jacket

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Accentuate your wardrobe and jazz up your style with the trendy and interesting fashion statement. Bomber jackets, unlike blazers, are less formal and look best when matched with crisp denim jeans.

Bomber jackets used to be a pilot’s flying jacket until it was used by civilians that’s why it’s also called as a ‘Flight Jacket.’ For so long, these have been associated with men. It can transform a person from boy to man, or an ordinary man to a hot, chick magnet. Through time, these type of jackets have also become a fashion garment for women to amplify their style or to show their hiphop side.

Below are some outfit ideas you can use. Let’s rock the streets and see how you can walk the smart way to wear your bomber jacket!

1. Pairing It Right

Pair it with a white or gray undershirt and skinny jeans.This is a great way to spark up your street style fashion, this time, cooler and exciting. But if you want to look sexier, then you can flaunt a little abs by wearing a white high neck crop top opposite a skinnies.

2. Seasonal Jacket


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Tips On How To Care For Your New Felt Hat

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There are many types of hats in the market and most men will admit that shopping for this favorite accessory is becoming more difficult by the day. The hats come in a wide range of materials from straw to leather, felt and many more. If you own a felt hat, you need to know how to take care of it so that it can keep its beautiful look for a long time.

Know your hat

The first thing you need to know is that felt hats for men differ and they come in different qualities. Felt is a very strong fabric and you can find soft felts as well as felts that are stiffer. Good quality felt hats tend to keep their shape much better and some types such as fur felts tend to fare better in the rain than other types. While your felt hat might handle rain better than most hats, you should not leave it wet for long. Make sure that you allow the hat to dry completely.

Proper hat storage

It is always a good idea to store hats in their boxes. Most men might think that this is too


Choose Your Wig According to Your Face Type

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Style has always been the primary concern for women of all ages. Standing apart from the crowd is a need for everyone. Perfect makeup, ideal dress, and proper hairstyle make a woman look perfect. Anyone can get a good makeup and a proper dress from any outlet. However, problem arises during hair styling, especially for people who have less hair volume. This is exactly where, wig create a difference.

Wigs accentuate the overall look of a woman. Acquiring a different look becomes very easy with proper wig styling. To cover less volume of hair, nothing works better than the wigs. Getting an ideal look is possible with these stylish hair accessories, but the primary concern is the adaptability. Until or unless the wig shape and style matches the shape of the face; getting that desired look is almost impossible. In this article, you will surely understand what type of wig is perfect for your face.

• Oval Face

Women with oval face look very pretty but with a proper hairstyle they can become even prettier. This type of face characterizes proportional cheekbones, chin, jaw line and forehead. As every part of the face is proportional,

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Custom Design T Shirts

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The greatest form of self-expression is when you don’t give a damn about what others think and you continue to express your thoughts and feelings without any hindrance. You are unstoppable in all your actions. Not many exercise this absolute independence in open communication. For the other kind of people who never open their mouth, we assure you, you do have a very exquisite choice. “T-SHIRTS!

Wearing a t-shirt is a fashion statement which never fades. It all started off with a war in the early 1900s and from there it kick started its campaign! The greatest moment was when the famous film “A streetcar named Desire” hit the theatres. Everyone started noticing how cool it is to wear a t-shirt. From that point, there was no looking back. Marlon Brando as the protagonist, who was nominated for Oscars for the role, tore through the then trended fashion with his sexy iconic body line t-shirt. The macho look it created was stunning to say the least. The world provided many accolades for this legendary style and the fashion world completely shifted from formal blazers to rather unusual t-shirts. Enough with the history and the praise for the


Fashion Ideas And Tips To Keep You Looking Elegant

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If you are a woman who is fashion conscious, then you know that you have a personal style that you would wish to keep up with. However, not everything will work to your advantage unless you have a way of making them work for you. It is where a few fashion ideas and tips come in handy to ensure that you get it right with every fashion selection you make. With the helpful tips, you can even imitate any celebrity style and look just as good as they do without putting in too much work.

1. Work on your hair

You can find out what the latest hairstyles are and learn to do them yourself or look for a hair stylist you can trust with your needs. Fancy updos will always do the trick in making you stand out in any given outfit. Using bobby pins to hold the hair up offers a simple but elegant way of looking as stylish as you wish. The pins can transform a bad hair day into elegant statements.

2. Pay attention to under dress

What most women don’t know is that what they wear underneath their outfits


Winter Fashion That Stands Out

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A “Winter Wonderland” of a Wardrobe

Fashion is an All Season Affair

When it comes to fashion, any season is the “in season.” Whether it’s easy, breezy summer dresses, tweeds and flannels to tie together an autumn look, stylish springtime sling backs and skirts, or a winter wonderland of white, fashion is what makes a statement about who you are and reflects your personal style and personality.

Stay Warm Without Losing Your Fashion Cool

Since winter is upon us, the focus is on how we can look glam, but still withstand the elements without suffering from hyperthermia at the expense of looking fabulous. To make sure you always look good, fashion designers and clothing artisans are forever ready and waiting with a rich palette of colors, clothing and fashion accessories that will make you look fabulous regardless of what the thermometer says outside.

Winter White is Always “In”

For starters, while “white” is “out” after Labor Day, winter white, on the other hand, is definitely “in.” Colors range from cream and ivory to off whites and buffs. Nothing beats a pair of winter white slacks paired with a soft, pastel sweater, or

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Tips on Choosing and Wearing Fashion Jewelry

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Fashionable women use jewelry for a variety of reasons. There are items that they allot for daily activities, while they assign some pieces for very special occasions only. Some jewelry items are so versatile that they may be used for different looks. These accessories fit almost every occasion while being suitable for daily wear as well. The best example of this is perhaps the pearl necklace, which is a classic piece that goes well with any fashion style, whether casual or formal.

A woman who wants to cover all bases must endeavor to fill her jewelry box with the most basic jewelry pieces. Drawer essentials include pearl stud earrings, diamond stud earrings, hoop earrings, dangle earrings, and a pair of fun and casual earrings. Aside from the quintessential pearl necklace, it is important to have a statement necklace that has a neutral look, as well as a diamond pendant necklace for more formal events. Other items that must be in the list are a cocktail ring, a chain bracelet, and a metal wristwatch. These pieces need not be expensive. Some very good accessories can be sourced from wholesale fashion jewelry sale events.

Aside from the basics,